Basic Fares
Since Sunday, 1st January 2012

 One way
Return journey
Adult section ticket6001200
Children's section ticket300600
Adult line ticket7001400
Children's line ticket350700
Family daily ticket 3500

Section ticket
Section tickets can be bought for journeys starting at any of the mid-stations or haltings, as well as and journeys starting at either terminal ending at a mid-station or halting.

Line tickets apply for journeys starting at one terminal and ending at the other.

Children's discounts
Children under the age of fourteen are eligible to children's tickets.

Two under-six-year-olds accompanied by an adult can travel free of charge. The rest of the children are eligible to children's tickets. (See also: Family daily ticket)

Family daily ticket
Family daily tickets can be used by at length two adults and three children travelling together or by at length one adult and four children travelling together. Only children aged between six and fourteen years count towards the number of children. Under-six-year-olds can travel free of charge.

The family daily ticket can be used for any number of journeys in any direction on the day of its issue. In order to avoid misuse, the full name of one of the adult passengers is recorded on the ticket.

Family daily tickets are issued only at ticket offices of stations. They are not available from conductors.

Budapest Card

Adult passengers holding a valid Budapest Card are eligible to a 50% discount of the standard fare and the price of the supplementary ticket on steam engine services. Please note that discounts cannot be combined.

Validity of tickets
The journey must be completed on the day of issue. The journey must be started at the station where the ticket was issued. Return tickets are valid to the terminal station on the returning leg of the journey.

Suspending the journey and travelling on
The journey cannot be suspended and continued using the same ticket. Family daily tickets excepted. Other types of tickets lose their validity upon the suspension of the journey. Therefore a new ticket must be bought in case of travelling on.

Making use of discounts
The title of making use of either kind of discounts must be proven at the request of any child or adult railway attendant.

Issuing tickets on the train
If possible, tickets must be bought at the ticket office of the starting station before boarding the train. It the journey is started at Normafa or Vadaspark halting, or any of the stations that do not have ticket offices, or issuing tickets is suspended at the time, tickets are issued on the train without excess fares. The suspension of ticket office hours is announced on notices at the stations.

Return tickets and family daily tickets are not issued on the train.

If the passenger starts his journey without a valid ticket at a station were the ticket office was open, an excess fare is also payable on top of the regular one to the conductor.

There is no room for refunding tickets except for extraordinary conditions (e.g. a train is cancelled).

Other fares
Since Sunday, 1st January 2012

 One way
Adult heritage service supplementary ticket200
Children's heritage service supplementary ticket100
Bicycle haulage300
Dogs' fare300

Heritage service supplementary ticket

In addition to a regular ticket, a heritage supplementary ticket is issued to passengers of steam-engine-hauled services. Passengers over the age of fourteen should buy an adult heritage service supplementary ticket, those under the age of fourteen are eligible to children's heritage service supplementary tickets.

The children's heritage service supplementary ticket should be bought for children under the age of six only in case they are required to hold a regular ticket anyway (e.g. kindergarten groups).

No further discount can be taken use of regarding heritage service supplementary tickets.

Transporting bicycles

Bicycles can be carried on board in the special passengers' carriage with a dedicated bicycle compartment if it is available. Otherwise the bicycle can be stored in the vestibule of the car specified by the train crew without disturbance to fellow passengers.

The bicycle haulage is payable to the conductors on board.

Travelling with pet dogs

Pet dogs can be taken on board only kept on a lead and a muzzle applied.

The dogs' charge is payable to the conductors on board.

Method of payment

Regarding the fact that it is ten to fourteen year-old children whom collect the fares at the Children's Railway, booking officers and conductors only accept cash in Hungarian forint. Foreign currencies, credit or debit cards, cheques and other types of cash saving methods are normally not accepted.

In case of groups registering their trips in advance, the total fares can be paid via bank transfer. Please contact us by e-mail with the details of your group and the trip at info@gyermekvasut.hu.

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