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Drinks and food are available at some of the stations of the Children’s Railway:

Pizzeria in Huvosvolgy

There is a pizzeria at Huvosvolgy Station called Kisvasut Pizzeria. Entry is from the clearance in front of the station.
Kisvasut Pizzeria offers pizza, two kinds of spaghetti, salads, soft drinks and spirits, coffee, sweets and ice cream.

It is open every day from morning to late evening.

Groups are also welcome. Please arrange the meals of your group in advance. See the contact details on the website of Kisvasut Pizzeria.

» Kisvasut Pizzeria website (in Hungarian)


Buffet of Szepjuhaszne Station

There is a buffet at Szepjuhaszne Station. It is located in the station building with the entrance being from the back of the building, from the direction of the parking lot.

Soft drinks and spirits, coffee, sandwiches and all kinds of potato chips are available.

The buffet is open from early morning to late afternoon around the year.

Buffet at Szechenyi-hegy Station

There is a buffet outside Szechenyi-hegy Station called Kobufe. It is to be found by the short street connecting the stations of the Children’s Railway and the Cogwheel Railway.

Food and drinks are available a la carte.

They are open every day from morning to late afternoon.

» Kobufe website


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