Nature’s Beauties

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Nature’s Beauties

Most of the line of the Children’s Railway runs in the park forests of the hills of Budapest.


The forests are mostly made up of oak, ash and beech trees and thick undergrowth.

Despite of the closeness of the city and the great number of day-trippers, the wildlife of the area is still quite rich. Among other birds, long-eared owls, buzzards, hawks, titmice and blackbirds live in the foliage.

Squirrels and hedgehogs are the most common small games. Outside the game preserve, usually only their footprints or other marks can be noted. Big games, such as foxes, deer and wild boars can sometimes be viewed from the train’s windows taking shelter from the noise.

The area belongs to the Danube-Ipoly National Park. All plants and animals are under strict protection regardless of their uniqueness.


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