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The Children’s Railway is worth visiting just for the pleasure of the train ride itself. Alternatively, you can reach a number of sights nearby, or simply make a nice walk through the woods from one of our mid stations.

A one-way ride takes about 40 to 50 minutes depending on the train service you take.

For those who are interested in an excursion by the Children’s Railway and do not intend to visit any of the nearby tourist attractions, a one-way or return ride can be recommended starting at either Szechenyi-hegy or Huvosvolgy Stations.

Szechenyi-hegy Station can be reached by Trams No 59 or 61 from Szell Kalman ter (formerly known as Moszkva ter), the centre of the Buda side of Budapest, changing over to the Rack Railway at Varosmajor (“Fogaskereku Vasut” stop).

The one-way journey, descent route, ends in Huvosvolgy, nearby the terminal of the city’s public transport company and from where Tram No 56, 56A, 56B and 61 runs back to Szell Kalman ter.

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