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The line of the Children’s Railway runs past numerous sites of tourists’ interest.


Erzsebet lookout tower atop Janos-hegy

The look-out tower atop Janos-hegy, the highest point in Budapest at 527 m, named after Erzsebet, the beloved Queen Consort of the Hungarians during the Austo-Hungarian Empire in the 19th century, can be reached with a few minutes’ walk uphill from Janos-hegy Station.

The path goes past the starting point of the Chairlift (in Hungarian: Libego) which offers a beautiful sight of the city. Its starting point is only 700 metres from Janos-hegy Station.

Normafa Halting and Viragvolgy Station are located adjacent to Budapest’s most frequented sledge and ski resort called Normafa. The rest of the year it still offers a unique view of the entire city.

There is a pleasant path in the forest from Viragvolgy Station to Makkosmaria, a Christian pilgrimage site.


Budakeszi Game Preserve

The Budakeszi Game Preserve (in Hungarian: Budakeszi Vadaspark) is accessible from Szepjuhaszne Station on foot in the woods or by Bus Line 22 from nearby the railway station. It is the closest preserve to the city of Budapest, just outside of it. Games live in their natural surrounding within the boundaries of the forest. Guided tours are available.

Ruins of a Pauline mediaeval monastery can be found just a few hundred metres from Szepjuhaszne Station.

Paths in the forest lead to the look-out towers of Nagy-Hars-hegy and Kis-Hars-hegy from Szepjuhaszne and Hars-hegy Stations. They offer an excellent view on parts of the city and the hills around.

The Cogwheel Railway (in Hungarian: Fogaskereku Vasut) is another unique means of public transportation. Unlike most of its Alpine counterparts, it is fully integrated into the network of Budapest. It is used daily by residents of certain areas. Its terminus is located near Szechenyi-hegy Station and provides the station’s only public transportation link.

For visitors with young children there are playgrounds close to Szechenyi-hegy, Szepjuhaszne and Huvosvolgy Stations. All are maintained by the local municipalities and are free to visit.


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